A Time to Heal

I’m so thankful and humbled to say that Will finished chemotherapy today. We are on the way home after a very emotional 24 hours. I can’t explain all the feelings we are experiencing because we haven’t processed them ourselves. Will is already neutropenic (his ANC is low, which shows us how well his immune system […]

Hello, Gus.

On Tuesday morning, I saw a friend’s post about a puppy in Northwest Arkansas and was instantly intrigued. Will and I had looked at puppy pictures in the hospital all weekend to make us smile, and the family said “his only hobby is snuggling.” Need I say more? The last thing we need is a […]


We are so thankful to say that Will’s PET scan on Monday was completely clear! His body is free of cancer, and we are praising God! He is still in treatment and will be receiving inpatient chemo until Sunday night. We should be able to go home Monday sometime. We’ll have a couple weeks at […]

Next Week

We may not sleep much Sunday night. On Monday morning, we will take our youngest kids to school and drive straight to Little Rock. Will has his second PET scan around noon, and the results determine so much. After his scan, he’ll be admitted and begin his third big round of chemo, which is different […]

Thank you.

I’ve been putting off this post for fear that I would not do it justice. I’ve come to the realization that there is no way I can adequately communicate our gratitude, but I would rather say something and come up short than say nothing at all. As a pastor and therapist, Matt and I are […]

What I Don’t Want You to Do

I cried all the way home after we dropped Will off at kindergarten. I’d been dreading it for years, and the day finally came. My sweet, shy little boy who had cried and clung to my leg during open house hopped out of the car and ran right in like he’d done it a million […]

All Plans are Tentative

At the beginning of our cancer journey with Will, we had several questions about how we would get through this. And do it well. How do we best care for Will? How do we take care of our other kids, who demand so much attention and energy from us already? How do best utilize our […]

The Balance

We are living right now trying to find balance. I’m not sure it’s even possible, but we’re trying. First, let me update you on Will. He has finished his pre-treatment chemo and the first big round of chemo. Although the pre-treatment made him very sick for a day and dehydrated several days following, his side […]

Our Hope

Matt and I held hands in the dark across the tiny beds in the hospital room. Those two feet separating us felt like twenty. We watched a nurse, fully covered, take every precaution to protect herself from the medications she was putting into our son’s body. It was 11:10pm, and Will was drifting in and […]

Today We Fight

Today we fight. Will had his pre-treatment last Wednesday, which consisted of two chemo drugs. He was pretty miserable all weekend. On Monday, he had another drug with an all-day infusion at the Oncology clinic. Plus he gets high doses of steroids twice a day at home. But today, the real battle begins. He will […]