Daily Bread

I have hesitated to share this story because money is an awkward topic. But after several days, I have decided to embrace the discomfort in order to share this story of God’s faithfulness, just like He’s allowing us to do in so many areas right now. As you may know, Matt stepped away from his […]

Life After Cancer

I hesitate to say “after cancer” although that’s technically where we are. It’s been such a whirlwind, and we’re still a bit in shock that our son had cancer in the first place. But to say “after” makes it sound like it’s over. And I’m not sure it’s ever really over. Will still sees his […]

The Day God Came to Silver Dollar City

I cried in the ticket line of Silver Dollar City. We went to Branson the week after Christmas for a little family getaway. Our generous friend allowed us to use her cabin once again as a place of rest, and we’d asked our parents to give the kids money for the trip as part of […]

Influence and Impact: A Day with the Razorbacks

We pulled into the underground parking lot beneath the University of Arkansas practice field. Former Razorback tight end Ben Cleveland stood with his family, waiting on our arrival. I looked in the backseat and smiled. “Here we go.” Will’s eyes lit up. Cy and Riah tagged along, excited but largely unaware. We were met inside by […]

Stepping Out

“When God aims us in a new direction, we have to let go of what we’ve known, be willing to embrace the unfamiliar, and trust that He will sustain us on the journey.” -Stormie Omartian Matt has been on a church staff in some capacity for twenty-five years. Two weeks ago, he resigned from his […]

Mourning and Rejoicing

“Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” ‭‭Romans‬ ‭12:15‬ The first friend we made on the Oncology floor was Katie. Her sweet, southern drawl and contagious smile made everyone feel at ease immediately. No matter what new battle she was fighting, Katie made others feel important and special. We found out today […]


Is it possible to feel such fear that each time you feel afraid afterward, it just can’t compare? I have two mindsets in regards to fear now. One, the smaller of the two, is terrified of relapse and long-term chemo side effects and everything that could possibly go wrong. And the other, which is young […]

School and Work: A New Normal

Quick update: Now that Will’s counts are back up and he’s had one month since his last treatment, he has begged to go back to school. I surrendered and let him go for a few hours one morning last week. I cried all the way home like I’d just dropped him off at kindergarten. It […]

A Time to Heal

I’m so thankful and humbled to say that Will finished chemotherapy today. We are on the way home after a very emotional 24 hours. I can’t explain all the feelings we are experiencing because we haven’t processed them ourselves. Will is already neutropenic (his ANC is low, which shows us how well his immune system […]

Hello, Gus.

On Tuesday morning, I saw a friend’s post about a puppy in Northwest Arkansas and was instantly intrigued. Will and I had looked at puppy pictures in the hospital all weekend to make us smile, and the family said “his only hobby is snuggling.” Need I say more? The last thing we need is a […]